Welcome to Psyclone Studios

Thank you for visting Psyclone Studios.
Psyclone Studios is one of Brooklyn's premier tracking, mixing and mastering studios. With the capibility of 32 tracks digital audio we can handle almost any project. Although we own a varied assortment of high end gear we have a very important motto, "ear over gear", whith this motto we have turned out incredible sounding recordings. Take a listen to the Dust to Dust SICK Album or the New Band on the scene Black Water Rising, all tracked, mixed and master here at Psyclone Studios.

You can email us at chris@psyclonestudios.com or rob@psyclonestudios.com.


Featured Recordings

Our player will be up soon with some samples of our recordings.

Check out Black Water Rising. The hit single "Brother Go On" As well as the rest of the BWR Catalog was recorded, mixed and mastered in Psyclone Studios.

Psyclone Studio's BWR Recording of "Rise" featured on R0DE Microphones Site
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